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We are happy to share some of our technologies, tools, white papers and slides with those fellow seekers who are striving to improve their marketing and social media results.  We do ask that you share with us some brief contact details - but rest assured, it's not committing you to a lifetime of e-mail messages or a long distance relationship.  We just like to know who found value in our goods. 

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Social Media Marketing Strategy (PDF from a PowerPoint presentation to local businesses)

Social Media Marketing Plan (PowerPoint format, completely configurable and intended as a template)

Marketing Editorial Calendar (Excel format)

Two Page Marketing Plan (Excel format)

Infographic - Customer Experience - Why it Matters (Graphic .png format)

Infographic - Microlearning: A Global Perspective (Graphic .png format)

Infographic - The 19 Learner Burdens (Graphic .png format)

Microlearning Course Outline Template (.docx format)

e-Learning Program Design Style Guide Template (.docx format)