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Our Universe

Guiding Star as superheroGuiding Star Communications and Consulting came to life in the latter part of 2009, the next great adventure in an almost 20 year career on both the client and supplier side of marketing communications for GSCC principal Todd Kasenberg.  Our credentials, project work of note, and even opinions about what works in client relationships sits elsewhere at this site. What we want to share here is something less tangible, but hopefully quite meaningful.

Our Manifesto

Our team is a loose collection of consultants and experts who come together to do exceptional quality work - and to have fun doing it. We call this collection the chorus of champions. We believe that the wave of future business is in "best-sizing" and "right-sourcing" all work. We work to build the best possible team - a dream team - for each project or activity we embrace. What that should say is that our team collaborates with many other solo consultants and quality service providers to deliver outcomes that smash barriers and win accolades. In fact, sometimes we play the subordinate role on other teams of talent.  All of this should bring to mind a finely-tuned choir - something Todd is passionate about and would conduct professionally in his "alternate universe" - each performer plays her or his part, performers come and go, and there is something beautiful that results with enough effort and insight. 

We are passionately committed to fairness and decency in business - in part because many of us affiliated with Guiding Star have seen how not to run a communications consultancy. In our communications, in our collaboration with clients, and in our pricing, we strive for fairness. 

We work with you collegially - and we expect you will accord us the same courtesy. We've even taken the time to explain how you might work with us - not to be cheeky, but to be supportive.

We keep you in the know so that you are not surprised - and sometimes that can mean that we share with you difficult news.  But we won't push or cajole or browbeat, because that's just not right.

We aim for always fair and always supportable pricing - we'll show you how we got our prices and explain how long things will take us to complete. We won't promise to be the "cheapest" on every project, because so many variables go into services pricing - but we do promise that you'll understand where we are coming from on pricing.

What is a guiding star?  In popular imagery, it is sometimes seen as the north star, Polaris, which just feels right for a Canadian business.  Alternatively, some envision a lighthouse when they contemplate a guiding star.  Regardless of imagery, because of its "fixed" position, a guiding star helps all to gain their bearings.  It is a model for others.  It shines perpetually. It represents truth. 

That is what we are about.