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What We Expect From Clients

We're Easy to Get Along With!Expectations for client and agency

Our team has compiled a list of top suggestions that will make help us become double stars!

1.                  Give clear direction and feedback.

For Guiding Star to truly succeed at delivering "shine", we need clear feedback from you.  We will do our best to capture all that feedback, asking clarifying questions, and submitting an "Understandings" document to you for your confirmation so that we know we are on the right track.  Tell us exactly what you don't like, and keep it to the top one or two things. 

 2.                  Get involved in the briefing process.

While many of our clients provide written briefs, the words on the page can only take our team so far.  It can be incredibly helpful to actually hear your description of needs, goals and vision, and we will try to provide convenient opportunities for you to do just that.

 3.                  Treat Guiding Star as a true business partner.

Please unfold for us the whole star chart - the whole picture of your business environment and opportunities.  When we understand your brand's history, positioning and competitors, we can be closer to the target with our first efforts.

 4.                  Be directly involved with your Guiding Star team.

An opening and trusting relationship comes from spending some time with us.  We absolutely know that you are very busy with your responsibilities; it is our mission to reduce that burden.  We will communicate with you through several media (phone, email), and share with you specific suggestions when we need your input on a strategic matter.  Open and active listening are the hallmarks of our style, and we anticipate the same from you.

 5.                  Keep meetings small and informal.

The best discussions happen in a relaxed environment.  We know that you often need to get investment from senior people and involvement from junior people, but we ask that you keep it small for critical meetings and projects, please.

 6.                  Reduce the chain.

We recommend that one person in our client's organization is responsible for decision-making and providing feedback to Guiding Star about content and creative.  And if a senior person is going to be involved in the process, s/he should be at every meeting.

 7.                  Tell us when you love something...

Remember your reaction to our content or creative when you are first exposed to them.  Chances are your gut is right.  So let us know when it is working - don't hold back a positive reaction!