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Our Lead Guide

Our Lead Guide

Todd Kasenberg, Principal of Guiding Star Communications and ConsultingWith time spent working in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, Todd Kasenberg, Principal of Guiding Star Communications and Consulting, brings years of experience and expertise in group processes, adult learning and marketing communications to his clients and even his friends!

His work with hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life while with The Arthritis Society in Northern Ontario expanded implementation of the Arthritis Self-Management Program and therapeutic pools, and empowered local volunteers with expanded decision-making authority.  He was, concurrently, a popular part-time instructor (and curriculum development associate) with Cambrian College and The Enterprise Centre and for leisure programs with the Town of Walden.

For ten years, Todd worked in positions within and supporting the pharmaceutical industry.  As a pharmaceutical marketer, he was responsible for the marketing communications plan and tactics for two of Canada's most successful pharmaceutical brands, and was a key part of a team that developed a patient adherence/concordance program for patients who could enroll at their local pharmacy.  More recently, as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, he has been involved in patient audience communication tactics, continuing medical education programming and pharmaceutical medical advisory boards.  The latter involve developing market research-type processes for panels of physicians representing all regions of the country, and in many cases, the most accomplished physicians in their therapeutic disciplines in Canada.  He has co-authored a paper on optimizing group processes with physicians through advisory boards. 

Today, through Guiding Star, Todd gets the thrill that comes from daily challenges, the camaraderie of smart and interesting teammates and clients, and opportunities to contribute to the ideas cloud of humanity!  There is a lot of joy in this journey!

Select Accomplishments

  • Developer, research lead and report author for the Campus Safety Audit project, an initiative at The University of Western Ontario (now Western University).  His work harnessed the efforts of volunteers from all strata of university life (i.e., students, professors, staff) in the evaluation of both exterior and interior campus spaces with the aim of creating a safe and secure campus.
  • Developer and implementer of group process to create a new national patient association (PHA Canada) for patients and caregivers living with pulmonary hypertension.
  • Developer and implementer of more than 45 medical advisory boards between 2005-present date, engaging high profile Canadian physicians from specialties including cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, nephrology, neurology, respirology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, psychiatry and infectious diseases. 
  • Founder and developer of a Web 2.0 community of practice website for Canadian physicians to support continuing medical education and social networking.
  • Agency lead in brand launches, brand end-of-life marketing, and everything in between.
  • Learning lead in more than a dozen adult learning projects.
  • Developer and facilitator of a day-long customizable workshop to support the shaping of organizational culture and drive action.

Education and Memberships

  • Certificant, Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Representatives (1998)
  • Courses in Human Resource Management and Occupational Health and Safety [1994-1998]
  • Courses in Leadership and Influence; Sales Skill; Negotiation Skills; Coaching and Training; Voice of Customer
  • Master of Science, The University of Western Ontario, London [1991]
  • Bachelor of Science, McGill University, Montreal [1986]

In case you wondered:

  • Yes, Todd has had a life-long passion for astronomy. He founded the Capella Astronomy Club in Windsor when 12 years of age, and brought together young people from across the city to regular meetings and observing parties.
  • Todd spends a lot of dream time back at primary and secondary school. If anyone has insights into what that's about - besides the fact that it was a simpler, fun time in his life - please share!
  • Todd believes that the only great poetry is rhyming poetry - and truly is amazed and enjoys the rhyming, lyrical poems of his wife, Sharon, who should be world-renowned for her proclivities. Find her poetry blog at: The Rhyming Muse
  • Todd's idea of a great television encounter - Star Trek. Any flavour. And Firefly - one of the best science-fiction series ever written.
  • Todd admires the contributions of Stephen R. Covey, Tom Peters, Neil Rackham and Robert Passikoff to various personal and business effectiveness causes. Their work rocks!
  • Todd likes day-trips to small towns in his area. He's been to Paris, Brussels, Dublin and London - all within 1 hour drives of his home in what used to be called Berlin!
  • Todd likes painting (as in painting walls!). It relaxes him. It releases the low-talent visual artist in him. Consider it a value-added service opportunity?