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Our Discovery Process

Great Starts are Critical to Great Results

Discovery - a child using a telescopeThere's not much more satisfying than a good discovery interview?  (C'mon, Guiding Star, you need to get some life!)

We've got down, to a reasonable art, the processes that will help us learn about your project(s) and about your brand.  We call it the Discovery Process.  We'd give it a better name if we could think of one - but it is totally apropos.

During a Discovery interview, we'll ask you about where you grew up.  (Wait... no... yes... hmm, seems like a nice way to get to know one another!)  Then, we'll ask you questions that will provoke thought and surface insight - questions about your brand or solutions, your strategy, your competitive environment, your lifecycle issues, and what you've already done (both worked and otherwise).  We do this so that we may deliver our very best insight... even if we're just working on a brochure, trust us, there's benefit to this "go-through".

If you'd like to start the process... call us.  Or try out our online Brief Generator (and no, it will not create online underwear! ...although that is an interesting idea for the file).