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Our Tools

Tools Make the Heart Glow Faster...

Radio telescope - reflecting our tools that help us listen and gain insightIn an early career assignment, it became obvious that Guiding Star principal Todd Kasenberg had a talent for systems (even if he isn't an engineer or software developer).  Todd has always had a fascination with process improvement.  (Don't get us wrong.  Todd is not fixated on process... in fact, he can be quite a rebel in his own way.  But he has a fair talent for optimizing the way things are done.  Sometimes a blessing.  Sometimes otherwise!)

And so, Guiding Star brings to the table a number of tools and approaches that help you decant your insight and knowledge for optimum understanding.  Tools that support better project briefing. Tools that support marketing and communications plan development.  Tools that support brainstorming. Tools that support customer or channel engagement. Tools that support getting your key content out on the table for examination.

The skinny - you're likely to see tools pop up when you work with Guiding Star.  And you might just say "Wow, gotta have that!"