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Project Work of Note

Our people have done a lot over the course of careers and consulting, and manage an ambitious portfolio of projects.  Here are some of the types of projects that we've successfully completed (and loved doing!):

Continuing professional education - members of our team have crafted programs ranging from the conventional to "way out there".  And we can take it from relationships with experts through content development to execution and logistics - and to follow-up. Our experience base includes:

  • Learning needs assessments and gap analysis, using phone, fax, email, online and kiosk-based delivery channels
  • Live-group one time satellite symposia at conferences
  • Enduring live-group learning programs, implemented locally, with guides, slides and collateral materials such as counseling aids and professional support tools and behavioral intent assessment
  • Online e-Learning programs, delivered using rapid e-Learning tools, synchronous web conferencing and through web-based decision-making simulators
  • Live-group learning series at sites across the country
  • Video-based "critical thinking" programs that facilitate learning through critique of performance
  • Simulation e-learning experiences
  • Learning games
  • Leadership development and "train-the-trainer" programs
  • Learning through blogging/microblogging activities
  • Experience audit programs

Group facilitation - Guiding Star experts have been facilitating groups towards learning and functional goals since they were born!  Our experience base includes:

  • Marketing communications tactical input sessions that got stakeholders moving and contributing actively to the development of breakthrough tools and messaging
  • One-time and enduring client advisory boards, where facilitate discussions and activities with opinion leaders and key clients lead to new insight and "noble projects"
  • Stakeholder meetings to assess insight, drive action, and create new permanent organizations
  • Market research focus groups to collect critical insight and perspective from audiences ranging from healthcare professionals to marketing experts, and from teens to senior citizens
  • Groups to develop requirements for websites and software apps

Marketing Communications - members of our team have had years of practice and skill refining and developing marketing communications strategies and tactics for the full range of niche products to mega-brands.  Our experience base includes:

  • Integrated (multi-wave) marketing campaigns to support brand launch or relaunch
  • Solution marketing strategies and tactics to shift perspective from pushing product to providing solutions
  • Video infomercials
  • Direct mail elements, including digital media and visually compelling breakthrough tools
  • Journal and magazine advertising
  • Website strategy and design
  • Personalized mobile websites that respond to a person's circumstances and needs
  • Social networking marketing plans and activities

Communities of Practice - Guiding Star has rare expertise with the development and nurturing of virtual communities of practice.  Our experience includes:

  • CoP business case and strategy development
  • CoP functional specifications/requirements
  • CoP recruitment campaigns and activities
  • CoP technical and user interface configurations consulting
  • CoP maintenance/loyalty strategy and tactics

Publishing - from the age of 13, when he had the unique opportunity to write a weekly advice column in The Windsor Star, Todd Kasenberg of Guiding Star Communications and Consulting felt strongly drawn to publishing.  And since then, he and his talented team have gained indispensable experience, including:

  • Sponsored newsletters
  • Peer-reviewed expert publications
  • e-books
  • Interactive learning publications and websites
  • Placed articles and "ghost writing"
  • Report editing
  • PowerPoint presentation production


“I have had the opportunity to work and interact with Sandbox Software Solutions and learning partner Guiding Star Communications and Consulting for over 2 years in the design and rolling out of a learning platform and training tool, named Proposal Pro.  This platform supports our people in the acquisition of grants from major public donors. During this period, I have served as the project sponsor for Proposal Pro and the direct supervisor of the work of Sandbox and Guiding Star.  Their duties have included work on a variety of projects and tasks leading to the development, testing, launch, and evaluation of Proposal Pro.
Through our close interaction, I became very fond of their personalities, professionalism and commitment to their work… Part of their comparative advantage… is that they are good listeners, have a good understanding and knowledge of the industry and have engaged very easily with our team.  They have been always very receptive to direction and feedback, and have demonstrated their willingness to contribute beyond contractual requirements. Their personalities and good humor also made them a delightful team to work with. 
Our success with Proposal Pro as our official training tool wouldn't be possible without the outstanding performance and professionalism from Sandbox and Guiding Star."
Carlos Piedrasanta, Global Director,
Grants Acquisition and Management
World Vision International