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The Idea File

We're always watching for trends and new developments - and pose to you some things that could just be the perfect fit for your organization.

Discover Your Customers' Buying Process


We've done a lot of thinking about the customer buying process. But as a team that puts its money where its mouth is, we took action and introduced Journifica - a web-based toolkit that lets you both map and validate the customer journey. We've also got some interesting ideas on the back burner about how to assess the decision factors that drove purchase decisions. We're experienced with customer journey mapping, ethnography, and survey research, and will support you in gaining insight that you can use to shine.

Ready to explore your customers' buying process?

Support Learning Through Critique


Learning through critique?  Sure - seems obvious enough. How do you reduce the pain?  We designed a method for live small group workshops and for online learning that prompts users to learn through critique of a sub-optimal skill set demonstrated on video. We are convinced that methodologies including critique and simulation can work for you too!

Ready to explore critique-based learning?

Get Your Message Across Through e-Book Publishing


We've embarked in the world of e-book publishing through our development, along with software partners Sandbox Software Solutions, of Kabookey, a toolset that makes easy the creation of e-books that render to an iPad app. The toolset leverages a web content management system as the composing tool (we call it the KabookeyBuilder), and content is then carefully permissioned and made available to iPads with the Kabookey app. If you've ever thought about building expanding or incremental digital text books, creating an assignment book for students that grows over time, or creating a book that embeds multimedia interactives and more, Kabookey is your answer.

Ready to explore e-book publishing?

Unleash New Approaches to Opinion Leadership


For one of our clients, and pertaining to a market where much behavioural change is influenced by opinion leaders (i.e., "What is Harry doing?  I'll do that!"), we've been building a more comprehensive platform for development of opinion leaders, integrating ideas around segmentation and network analysis, and leveraging both traditional and digital methodologies.

Ready to Explore Opinion Leadership?

Support Behavioural Change Through Social Case Studies


We're the brilliant minds and bank account behind Case Swarm, an online social case study platform that can extend training and drive troubleshooting within teams and organizations.  When you want your team to troubleshoot the tricky problems of work, Case Swarm will help. When you want your team to practice applying knowledge to real-world scenarios in a safe and corrective environment, Case Swarm can help. We've got a whole lot of other good ideas about case study-based learning too!

Ready to Leverage Case Studies in Learning?

Deliver Learning Just in Time and On Time


We've done lots of e-learning and blended learning work in the last few years, and been working with a variety of market verticals. We've got this idea for an app that delivers both evaluation and brief microlearning interactions on a pulsed basis - something aimed at changing behaviours. An app that lets you focus on an area for development, but that occasionally stimulates other areas to make sure you are rounded. Let us know if you want to do something that makes learning brilliant.

Ready to Deliver Learning Results?

Focus Messaging on Individuals / Segments of One


We've launched a website personalization platform or framework, QRomium (, that allows savvy marketers to highly personalize and customize information delivery to long tail segments or segments of one.  QR bar codes are currently enabling this work, but we're imaging a future with near-field communications.

Ready to Hyperpersonalize?

Drip Your Learning Content Across a Time Span


Our team has gained both theoretical and practical experience with microlearning, even prompting Principal Todd Kasenberg to write an e-book on this important method. Our ideas for improvement in learning almost always come back to creating flexible, just-in-time learning paths that celebrate the individual and that are personalized. Our next big solution - an event engagement platform that allows learning specialists and learning managers to map and implement a series of learning interventions that are largely undertaken by a digital support platform.  Think event pre-tests, messaging, and follow-ups - and you've got a vision of where we are going.

Improve Shop Scheduling


OK - this one is more idea, less realized. We've been aggravated by the need for a tool that will allow easy scheduling of a pool of people against project work/demands. While fancy math would be lovely, that's not our idea - we do envision something manual, something drag and drop easy, that just allows the merge of available people with available tasks, and that keeps track of it all so that people aren't overworked and that tasks get done against their project plans. Anyone want to help?

Moving Past the Rearview Mirror in Employee Engagement Surveys


Our work in corporate culture assessment and engineering (through Culture Digs) led to a natural interest in employee engagement. Working with the brilliant David Snyder of Snyder Inc., we built a new platform for employee engagement called Engagement View. Engagement View serves up more than a 12 question quickie survey; it digs deeper. Engagement View collects information about perceptions of business drivers, internal communications, coaching and training, and helps each employee identify skills and passions that can drive company growth and improvement. It's a unique tool that yields more than scores, but insight into remedies. 

Engaging Around Employee Progress


We know the pain of employee performance appraisal. Our work in organizational culture and employee engagement suggests the problem. Now, what we need is to get to a better way of conducting appraisal.  We've got a digital platform backbone that could be twisted into a personalized employee/manager support environment online. We just need the brave organization willing to work with us to make it happen!

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