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Unlimited. Human. Intelligence. Opinion Range™

The world is crazy about internet-facilitated surveys! From market research, engagement studies, political issue polls, and surveys about the most compelling captain in the Star Trek® universe, we are drawn to give answers.

If you are a researcher, though, you’ve probably lamented the fact that internet-based surveys just don’t rival in-person interviews for flexibility and gained deep insight. The survey engines so commonly used today generate pretty looking surveys – but are one and done.

Give up on the one night (survey) stand! It’s time to marry the ease of online surveying with the power of lab-based human interviews. It’s time for incremental surveying. It’s time for Opinion Range™.

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Opinion Range™ - A Mashup that Gives You Web-Based Ease and Lab-Like Flexibility

Opinion Range™ is the result of a fruitful mashup of a robust survey and survey analytics toolset with learning and drip marketing tools.

Opinion Range™ lets you implement “by invitation” studies, composed of surveys and collateral marketing and learning activities. It can collect data from surveys implemented over a timeline, and enhance each survey activity with delivery of information – as multimedia such as video, interactives and even games.

But what makes Opinion Range™ truly powerful is its ability to allow you, as a survey developer/researcher, the ability to conduct personalized follow-up questioning. You can directly inject new follow-up questions into an Opinion Range™ survey for an individual respondent – giving you the ability to dig a little deeper into a respondent’s thinking or experience, while not tying your hands with synchronous activities. Opinion Range™ allows you to compose personalized questions that help you collect supplemental information from any individual respondent.

Opinion Range™ – Essential Tools for Incremental Surveying Success

Opinion Range™ gives you a unique range of tools, brought together for the first time.

You start with a list of desirable respondents (yes, you can import from Excel), a base survey (a questionnaire delivered to your desirable respondents), and a campaign plan to get your respondents involved with it. And you compose it all in the highly-visual, intuitive Opinion Range™ study design canvas.

When respondents have completed a base survey, you can open it up in the provided toolset to inject additional personalized questions for any respondent. It scratches that itch you’ve long had – solving that problem that a respondent provides a curious answer, and you have no way to satisfy your curiosity!

Opinion Range™ is an asynchronous personal interview toolset, deployed fully on the web, and removing lab requirements or even appointments!

The Opinion Range™ Process

Here’s the simple process for Opinion Range™ study implementation:

Step 1: Provide the list

Upload your Excel list, or manually create a list of participants to create their free Opinion Range™ accounts.

Step 2: Develop the (first/baseline) survey

Develop and build out one or more Opinion Range™ base surveys – surveys that will be distributed to your list of desirable respondents.

Step 3: Plan the study

Determine what will be shared to get your desirable respondents involved, along with a sequence that will reinforce and support outcomes like participation or even behavioural change.

Step 4: Create engagement types

Compose your whole study campaign – using a deep collection of Opinion Range™ activity types such as email, fax, document library delivery, e-learning, video, and, of course, your base survey(s).

Step 5: Schedule engagement activities

Attach specific times for release of your study’s activities, and windows during which each activity is available for review/input by respondents.

Step 6:  Launch the initiative

Publish your event to drive event engagement with your (potential) respondents.

Step 7:  Inject new questions

In monitoring the survey feedback from individual respondents, inject follow-up questions into specific surveys where you have more questions for that person. Publish and monitor.


Those invited through Opinion Range™ are granted free system accounts, through which they may declare their study participation intentions, access your activities that were sequenced for impact, and more. And every minute spent in the Opinion Range™ system by each person is tracked – so that if you incentivize your studies, you can pay based on actual time spent by your respondents.

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Opinion Range™ is a unique, usable survey-centric research toolbox – delivered as software as a service - that gives you the ability to deeply explore the personal opinions and experiences of any survey respondent – and keep them coming back for more!

Key Uses:

  • Market research surveys (incentivized or non-incentivized)
  • Opinion polling
  • Materials opinion testing
  • Message opinion gathering/evaluation
  • Drip campaign management
  • Quality studies
  • Customer experience evaluation
  • Job interviewing/screening
  • Q method studies

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