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Journifica™ - Master the Moments of Truth!

There are moments of truth and trust in customer experiences. Whether their customer journeys involve:

  • awareness building
  • discovery and research
  • offering comparisons
  • brand selection
  • purchase and service

 …getting the experience right is just the cost of entry.

Do you know what works – and doesn’t work – in your customers’ journeys to engage with you?
Do you know why they’re loyal?
Do you know why they leave?

Find Out Where You Stand – with Journifica™

Journifica™ is an online toolset that helps you document your understandings of the customer journey.

It allows you to:

  • create thoroughly documented customer journey maps
  • test your understandings of customer journeys by enabling survey research
  • produce beautiful reports and output data
  • deeply understand what isn’t working – giving you the insight you need to get it right

 The Journifica Journey Mapping Process

  1. Identify - Working on your own or in a group with colleagues, brainstorm and identify what you believe the journey/process is or, even better, should be.
  2. Draw and Document – Use the online canvas and toolset to draw a representation of your journey or process. Attach notes – perceptions, beliefs or observations – at each touch point.
  3. Question – Record questions to be explored with your research sample at any phase.
  4. Invite – Invite those who will experience the customer journey to participate in your guided visual process questionnaire.

Get Your Essential Marketing Right!

Creating great customer experiences – the ones that people rave about – is an essential part of marketing today. Journifica™ gets you understanding the game, and readies you for mastery.

It all happens in an easy-to-use web platform that gives you the tools you need to "draw" the journey. The most common touchpoints in customer journey mapping are already built in, but the design canvas gives you flexibility to add as many touchpoint types as you'll need. Drag and drop. Map the current experience, or the one you want to engineer. You can export your journey map to visual and data design formats.

What makes Journifica™ different than other tools is its built-in, turbocharged survey engine. With Journifica™, you can validate the customer journey through survey research linked directly to your drawn journey map. The survey composer includes a remarkable collection of question types to deliver a powerful experience to those who you invite to validate the journey map.  

Journifica™ is  available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  Pricing is fixed per journey map, and includes unlimited use, for the journey map, of the survey engine without respondent caps. 

When you want to move past the initial assessment to discuss results from your validation survey, or to re-engineer a customer, patient or learner journey, the team at Guiding Star Communications and Consulting and/or its authorized partners can provide a customized (and formally estimated) range of consulting services from a menu of attractive options.

The half-day "Journey Mapping - Getting Stared" workshop is popular; book soon to secure an attractive time. Our consultants allow you to handle the logistics, or can provide full event support!

Benefits of Journifica™

  • Provides easy-to-use digital toolset to create a standardized visual representation of any journey (customer, patent, learner)
  • Provides a rich, easy-to-use toolset to formulate journey validation surveys
  • Simplifies journey mapping brainstorming and rapid adjustment of touchpoint sequences
  • Helps surface deep insight into customer experience
  • Values input from those who are the real "recipients" of the customer experience you offer
  • Enables understanding of organizational customer experience challenges
  • Enables the process of journey re-engineering through desired future state mapping
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences