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Go Beyond Events! Eventigence™

You’ve got a great event that you believe people will love. You’ve got a list of invitees. You need to stoke their engagement – not only to get them to come, but to warm them up, get them ready, so that your event will be a success.

It’s a lot of work to manage event correspondence, let alone event enthusiasm. It’s led to broad adoption of imperfect web-based event ticketing software. It’s also led to disappointment when the mark has been missed – sure, event registration is available, but was event engagement left on the table?

Meet Eventigence™ - a do-it-yourself online platform for event management that takes you beyond events! Eventigence™ allows you to literally manage the entire timeline of your events – giving you unprecedented new tools that manage correspondence after issuing an invitation.

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The Eventigence™ Process

Eventigence™ can be used to manage the period from first invitation (delivered by the embedded online tools on your behalf) to the farewell message delivered after an event has occurred. Each event in the system can be configured with one or both of “Pre-Event” and “Post-Event” phases, and an endless array of sequenced activities. Here’s the simple process for Eventigence™ event implementation:

Step 1: Provide the list

Upload your Excel list, or manually create a list of participants to create their free Eventigence™ accounts.

Step 2: Craft the sequenced story

Determine what will be shared to stoke the fires of event engagement, along with a sequence that will reinforce and support outcomes like attendance, pre-event input, or behavioural change.

Step 3: Create engagement types

Use the collection of Eventigence™ activity types that will be part of your campaign – fax, email, document libraries, e-learning, video, and survey.

Step 4: Schedule engagement activities

Attach specific times for release of your event’s activities, and windows during which each activity is available for review/input.

Step 5:  Launch the initiative

Publish your event to drive event engagement with your participants.

Those invited through Eventigence™ are granted free system accounts, through which they may declare their attendance/participation intentions, access materials sequenced for impact, and more.

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Eventigence™ is your expert management solution through every step of the management of a by-invitation-only event, uniquely blending the tools of drip marketing, event management and learning.

Key Uses:

  • Community Workshops
  • Economic Development Fora
  • Continuing Education Events
  • Speaker Events
  • Fundraisers and galas

Benefits of Eventigence

  • Provides a drip marketing approach to generating and sustaining event interest
  • Enables delivery of pre-event and post-event surveys, media, and more
  • Manages invitee list
  • Manages participation intentions
  • Manages attendance information
  • Manages event evaluation
  • Summarizes collected survey data
  • Helps surface deep insight into your invitee audience
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences