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Engagement View™

The Problem of Employee Engagement

The data about engagement are absolutely concerning! Every day, we hear stories about employees literally and/or figuratively asleep at their desks or their posts. They are just not passionate about their work. They are not passionate about their work environments. They are not engaged!

Data collected in a survey involving 30,628 adults in the United States in 2018 show the extent of a problem which needs a solution.

Gallup engagement survey data - 2018


Go Beyond Sore Spots - Find Your Strengths!

Engagement View™ delivers a powerful online toolset for the evaluation and monitoring of employee engagement. Through a powerful base survey that is readily customized, your employees can:

  • point out what works well in your organization;
  • explain what is failing in your organization;
  • shed light on business practices that impact employee engagement; and
  • provide their best ideas for organizational growth and profitability.

Repeated use of the Engagement View™ survey can help you assess which actions are working, and determine next priorities for co-creating, with your employees, an engaged organization that thrives and smiles.

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About the Engagement View™ Survey

This is not a 12 question “miracle” survey that leaves you wondering what to do! The Engagement View™ survey, customized for each client, includes a basic set of explored domains:

  • Business driver evaluation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Work competencies
  • Talents
  • Passions
  • Employee development
  • Behavioral styles
  • Ideas for business improvement
  • Engagement characteristics
  • Comparative engagement

The standard question set comprehensively collects employee understanding of your business drivers - can they even tell you what really works. It also explores human, process and cultural factors felt and understood by your employees relating to employee engagement and organizational prosperity. But it is even more – the Engagement View survey allows your employees the unfettered opportunity to contribute their best ideas for organizational engagement and advancement, without judgment or politics. In reality, many of the detractors for engagement within any organization can be remedied by the ideas and actions of those closest to the work, those experiencing the detractors – your valued employees.

Accelerating Greatness!

Your Engagement View™ experience starts with an easy-to-manage, web-based comprehensive survey through the Engagement View™ website (  The helpful, anonymized, well designed results can give your organization the boost you need to begin the process of change that will light the fires within. 

Engagement View™ is strictly available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Pricing is determined by the number of users who will participate in a single study using the customizable standard survey.  

When you want to move past the initial assessment - to figure out what and how you must change - the expert consultants at Snyder Inc. and Guiding Star Communications and Consulting and/or its authorized partners can provide a customized (and formally estimated) range of consulting services from a menu of attractive options.

The half-day “Engagement Time” workshop is popular; book soon to secure an attractive time. Our consultants allow you to handle the logistics, or can provide full event support!

Benefits of Engagement View™

  • Provides both anecdotal and structured input methods to collect information about employee engagement
  • Identifies causes of employee disengagement and dissatisfaction
  • Identifies actions/initiatives/projects that may win the hearts of your people
  • Helps surface deep insight into engagement in your organization
  • Values input from all who participate in a study
  • Begins the process of engagement engineering through creating a baseline
  • Monitors progress towards engagement (over repeated assessments)
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences

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