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Culture Digs™ - Explore Your Culture. Change the World.

What you value, and how you treat each other within an organization, truly are your brand. Much of the dysfunction of organizations is rooted in a
malaise in culture, and a lack of consensus and leadership around values.

Culture Digs™, a web platform available from Guiding Star Communications and Consulting, provides a tightly-permissioned, secure online environment in which individuals are invited to share:

  • their impressions of the current culture of their team, group or organization; and/or
  • their aspirations for culture in the team.

It allows every voice to be heard in the evaluation or expression of your team's culture. And it respects the privacy of each individual - with multiple checks to ensure that those who convey honesty are not penalized for expressing their truths.

Culture Digs

The Culture Digs™ Process

Culture Digs process flow


The Culture Digs™ web platform collects and stores entries for each participant across both exercises, and provides helpful outputs in appealing formats to support synthesis and deeper understanding.

A Culture Digs™ assessment is just one element of a toolset available from Guiding Star Communications and Consulting and its selected partners.  Additional services include:

  • professional assessment of, and reporting about, results from culture book and values exercises
  • “Culture Time” half-day workshops, with fun and engaging activities that drive an organization or team to express and evolve desired culture, and perceived steps to get culture change, as a process, rolling
  • culture crafting and shaping consulting, with practical guidance on how to drive desired change in organizational culture
  • customized practical tools to establish key performance indicators and monitor cultural improvements/change

Dig Deeply – and Move Forward!

It starts with an easy-to-manage, web-based cultural assessment through Culture Digs™ website (  The helpful, anonymized, well designed results can give your organization the boost you need to begin the process of cultural change. 

Culture Digs™ is strictly available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  Pricing is determined by the number of users who will participate in a single wave, which is a single round of assessment using the customizable standard survey.  

When you want to move past the initial assessment to dig deeply and even to re-shape your organization’s culture, the team at Guiding Star Communications and Consulting and/or its authorized partners can provide a customized (and formally estimated) range of consulting services from a menu of attractive options.

The half-day “Culture Time” workshop is popular; book soon to secure an attractive time. Our consultants allow you to handle the logistics, or can provide full event support!

Benefits of Culture Digs

  • Provides both anecdotal and structured selection methods to help document impressions about organizational culture
  • Helps surface deep corporate cultural insights
  • Values input from all who are engaged in an organization
  • Enables understanding of organizational challenges that may be rooted in culture
  • Begins the process of culture crafting through creating a baseline or setting the framework for a desired future
  • Monitors progress towards reshaping of organizational culture (over repeated assessments)
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences
  • Supports the establishment of hiring criteria for culture “fit”

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