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Release Your Team's Problem Solvers!

Humans love stories. And we love hearing about true-to-life scenarios that were faced by our colleagues and friends. It’s the stuff of parties. And it’s the best stuff of corporate training.

Case Swarm™ is a web software environment that standardizes the exploration of work problems or experiences – what we call “cases”. These cases can be stories of experiences had by others that have either left things unsettled, or they can be retrospectives on experiences interesting enough (because they represent scenarios others might fact) to warrant sharing. The platform helps members of a work team reflect on an experience or scenario (whether real or anticipated), propose solutions, and, if available, presents information reflecting expert resolution of the case.

Get Solving with Case Swarm™

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For Troubleshooting – or For Learning?

  • In the troubleshooting mode, Case Swarm™ can help 2 or more people review and explore the interesting or even tricky case studies that reflect problems or scenarios faced. These case studies can be explored as real, current challenges – in situations where one worker really does want the best thinking of a group of peers in addressing a problem.
  • In the expert resolution mode, Case Swarm™ allows the presentation of a case study resolved by an expert. This mode encourages exploration and reflection on the case by a team in order to share and encourage better understanding and to help all involved “sing from the same song book” in future.

Case Swarm™ releases the inner problem solvers in your team, and lets defined teams explore case studies in a safe, structured and secure web environment.

The Case Swarm Process

Case Swarm Process Flow

Get Case Swarm™ for Your Team or Organization

The powerful results that Case Swarm™ generates – deep engagement with the tricky challenges of work – are available to organizations looking for fundamental behavioural change/stickiness and to promote a collaborative culture.

Case Swarm™ is available:

  1. On an installed local basis (i.e., on a server within your firewall or corporate IT infrastructure). This solution includes light visual customization, training of corporate stewards for the platform, and ongoing advice and maintenance.  Installed solutions have no limit to the number of users or number of cases explored by teams within the “swarm”.  Pricing is based on a one-time installation and master licensing price, and annual fixed licensing/maintenance fee after the first year.  Contact our team for technical requirements and pricing details.
  2. As Software-as-a-Service. Several attractive pricing plans are available on a per user/per month basis for smaller teams preferring a lower cost of entry.  SaaS use of Case Swarm provides no restrictions for the number of cases explored; pricing is per person registered by a Swarm administrator.  Service – and payment – is available at

Case Swarm - Benefits

  • Promotes consistency in future handling of work problems and/or experiences
  • Shows respect to those most capable of addressing work problems – those who live them
  • Enables understanding of the variety of options for work problem/experience handling
  • Helps engage those close to work problems/experiences in troubleshooting
  • Drives deeper learning of work problem/experience resolution through guided dialog
  • Helps surface deep corporate knowledge
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences worthy of next consideration
  • Supports multimodal learning and learning stickiness, so that learners will remember and act according to (a) resolved standard(s)
  • Leaves no person behind, and ensures that the best thinking and action is brought to bear in real-to-life work problems/experiences

Case Swarm Explanatory Experience