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What We Are and Aren't

Expressing Our Values, Outlook and Goals

We're not...
...a pretentious or huge company with lavish offices (marble sinks come to mind) that necessarily balloon your bill to accommodate the "finer" things of life.  And we can't claim friendship with every VIP in the area, and we are not able to get Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or even Stephen Harper on the phone. (Sorry about that!)

We aren't an agency exactly - because we choose to assemble best talent teams for each mandate.  Many collaborating personal service firms - that's how you'll get best value in a changing economy.

We are...
...a team of talent, a chorus of champions, led by Todd Kasenberg, who have managed oodles of customer advisory panels, provided stimulating group facilitation that yields real insights, developed product and solution marketing frameworks in different verticals, crafted and implemented (and followed behavioural change from) adult learning and continuing education platforms, and created powerful e-learning programs and online communities for a variety of organizations. We have access to some of Canada's best visual designers, a few PowerPoint wizards, an exceptional web solutions and programming team, and clever strategists who are experts in marketing, adult education, sales and the environment. Our small size allows you to interact directly with us on every aspect of your project.

Guiding Star "Corporate" Goal:
Create value through insight - either gained or shared.

Guiding Star "Lifestyle" Goal:
Keep it simple, profoundly fair and honest, and create fun on the journey.



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