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The Idea File

We're always watching for trends and new developments - and pose to you some things that could just be the perfect fit for your organization.

Discover Your Customers' Buying Process


We've been thinking a lot about how to better assess the customer buying process, and have recently introduced Journifica, a web-based toolkit that lets you both map and validate the customer journey. We've also cooked up some interesting work that enables assessment of how recent customers and non-customers of any given product came to their purchase decisions. We're experienced with customer journey mapping, ethnography, and survey research.

Ready to explore your customers' buying process?

Support Learning Through Critique


We're proud of a recent learning "platform", designed for live small group workshops, that prompted users to learn through critique of a sub-optimal skill set demonstrated on video. We are convinced that methodologies including critique and simulation can work for you too!

Ready to explore critique-based learning?

Get Your Message Across Through e-Book Publishing


After a wonderful first experience with multimedia app development - or e-book publishing - we've committed, along with development partners Sandbox Software Solutions, to the introduction of Kabookey, a toolset that makes easy the creation of e-books that render to an iPad app.

Ready to explore e-book publishing?

Unleash New Approaches to Opinion Leadership


For one of our clients, and pertaining to a market where much behavioural change is influenced by opinion leaders (i.e., "What is Harry doing?  I'll do that!"), we've been building a more comprehensive platform for development of opinion leaders, integrating ideas around segmentation and network analysis, and leveraging both traditional and digital methodologies.

Ready to Explore Opinion Leadership?

Support Behavioural Change Through Social Case Studies


We're the brilliant minds and bank account behind Case Swarm, an online social case study platform that can extend training and drive troubleshooting within teams and organizations.  We've got a whole lot of other good ideas about case study-based learning too!

Ready to Leverage Case Studies in Learning?

Deliver Learning Just in Time and On Time


We've done lots of e-learning and blended learning work in the last few years, and been working with a variety of market verticals.  Our e-learning solutions are progressive, use modern technologies and value ingenuity to ensure that the critical aspect of learning, motivation, is being effectively addressed.

Ready to Deliver Learning Results?

Focus Messaging on Individuals / Segments of One


We've launched a website personalization platform or framework, QRomium (, that allows savvy marketers to highly personalize and customize information delivery to long tail segments or segments of one.  QR bar codes are currently enabling this work, but we're imaging a future with near-field communications.

Ready to Hyperpersonalize?

Drip Your Learning Content in an Adaptive Microlearning Platform


Our team has gained both theoretical and practical experience with microlearning, even prompting Principal Todd Kasenberg to write an e-book on this important method. Our ideas for improvement in learning almost always come back to creating flexible, just-in-time learning paths that celebrate the individual and that are personalized. We are embarking on some new work to create the killer microlearning platform for mobile devices.

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We love the realm of ideas.  We like coming up with ours.  We love hearing about yours.

Want one of your ideas out there? Want is shared and built upon?  We'd be happy to hear from you!  Contribute your idea below.

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